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Healing begins here.

     Finding things in your life becoming unmanageable? Do you struggle just trying to get through day to day activities? Life can be confusing, sometimes we feel empty, maybe even out of control.

     In my practice, I meet with Adults, Couples, Children, and I have a special place in my heart in terms of helping Veterans and active duty military members.

I am a social worker by trade, so I am able to treat every person as a whole while also fixing their environment if necessary. 

     I am a compassionate and caring person. I want to help you learn to manage your life so that you can work to the potential that you want to achieve. I currently have weekday evening availabilities 

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Our Services

One on One therapy Sessions

We can Speak one on one to Work through whatever problems you may be going through, Emotionally or Mentally.

Veteran Therapy

I served in the military for 20 years. we can work through PTSD, MST, and whatever else you might be facing.

Group Therapy

Whether its family therapy or couple's therapy, I am available to help.

Some of the mental health issues I can help  you manage

Bipolar Disorder

Are you experiencing drastic mood swings?  Highs that are very High? Lows that are extremely low? Impulsive spending?

Suicidal Thoughts or Actions 

Have you been thinking about hurting yourself? have you been experiencing thoughts of hopelessness with no ending in sight?


Are you feeling a lot of nervousness? Finding it hard to concentrate? Is your mind racing? Do you have a case of the jitters? 

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